POR FESR VENETO 2014-2020. A multiplier of opportunities. Not to be missed.


DGR No. 2222 of 23rd December 2016

Action 3.3.4 supporting the competitiveness of businesses in tourist destinations
through measures to improve the supply and innovation
of strategic and organisational products/services.

Sub-Action C) “Innovative investments in the tourist accommodation sector”

QUESTION No.: 10042543

Camping La Quercia received a non-repayable grant POR FESR 2014-2020 amounting to € 187,500.20.



The project, as envisaged in the initial technical-illustrative report, has been implemented and completed through the following activities:

complete renovation of the sanitary facilities for the guests of the campsite, with the internal renovation of the existing building, expanding the dimensions of the public bathrooms and creating new ones.

This has allowed us to achieve several improvements: a higher comfort in public bathrooms, the creation of private bathrooms, the creation of bathrooms for the disabled, the creation of bathrooms dedicated to children, the creation of a "nursery" area with changing tables, the creation of a washing and ironing area, all in accordance with current regulations on the reduction of energy needs, using the best methods currently on the market, in full compliance with the rules of reference.

From an architectural point of view, in full compliance with the Project presented, the structure now consists of: a basement that houses the large private bathrooms, with private shower and a ground floor that houses other large public bathrooms, with a clear separation between male and female, they were created to provide services for children, dedicating a part of the space to a real nursery as well as a washing and ironing area, there are also bathrooms for the disabled, to offer a more comprehensive service to all guests.

A 23Kw/p photovoltaic system has been installed that produces about: 19,000 Kwh., which meets at least 50% of the needs of the structure.

All the machinery installed is state-of-the-art, allowing energy savings from every point of view, from boilers to heat pumps, to air handling units that are highly efficient, the pumps for boosting both water and heat ventilation are state-of-the-art, and are electronic and with a variable flow rate, this is both for the sake of comfort of the user, but above all for the sake of energy savings.

From an electrical-domotics point of view, the environmental management is performed by a domotics supervision system able to ensure automatic control of access to the bathrooms.

They are only activated when a guest is present in the bathroom, allowing the control of the supply of power as well as to disconnect it. The thermal control is directly interfaced with the domotics supervision of the building from which the temperature settings are made inside the rooms; the end user only has the option of varying +/-2°C.

The new system uses high-efficiency light sources with LED technology.

Outside the building, near the collection point, a life-saving defibrillator has been installed, which is now an essential element to ensure the complete safety of guests.


In full compliance with the project, the "Camping Internazionale La Quercia" has implemented a scheme that has made it possible to equip its outdoor accommodation with 'special' toilets available exclusively to individual crew members. In addition, each group of toilets is now complemented by a structure dedicated to children with sinks, toilets and showers specifically designed in shapes, sizes and colours for use by children, as well as has an ironing and laundry area.

The introduced innovations allow increasing the seasonality of tourism and diversifying its core-business, which has always been dedicated to the public. In fact, thanks to the implemented project, the structure is now able to offer a different accommodation in the area as compared to the traditional camping, already present in considerable quantities in the area, now offering innovative services that are eco-smart, thus tapping into the ever-increasing demand for eco-tourism, and effectively extending the seasonality in which it is operated.

The project is fully in line with the main and complementary aims of the Destination Management Plan of Lake Garda.

In particular, it is in line with these strategic guidelines:

– NATURE AND ENVIRONMENT: because, as can be seen from the activities carried out and the objectives achieved, the project has had environmental sustainability as its main focus

– BUSINESS, RECEPTIVITY AND ATTENTION TO THE CUSTOMER: in that it has promoted the consolidation and renovation of an existing activity through technological restructuring and modernisation with a view to eco-compatibility and environmental protection


From the above aspects, it is clear that the plan is consistent with the following aims of the call for proposals:

– Promotion of investments in the tourist accommodation sector with a view to innovation and differentiation of the tourist offer of the accommodation facility, such as to encourage the revitalization and repositioning of the same;
– Ensure continuity in the modernization process with a view to sustainable tourism development, encouraging new services to tourists
– Improve the levels of customer service and the efficiency of the accommodation structure also with regard to the economic and environmental sustainability of companies.


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