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At Camping La Quercia your health always comes first, and with it your safety and that of all the other guests.
For this reason, we have slightly revised the rules of conduct at the campsite.
In this way, everything will go well and you can enjoy every moment of your stay on Lake Garda.

- A booking is necessary and brings with it many advantages:
  • The information is already logged so all entrance procedures to the campsite are much more rapid and easy
  • You are assured to get the pitch or the maxi-caravan you have booked
  • Receive details of all the things you will be able to do on the campsite long before your arrival, so you can make the best possible arrangements!

- Enter in camping not allowed for person with body temperature over 37,5 °C
- Please carry your own facial protective mask with you. In our campsite you must wear it indoors
- Please always keep your distance, at least one meter, to people not being part of your group/family. Be care of your children
- Showers and public restrooms are open and ready to use. Do not wait for long time along the hallway

- If you booked the pitch COMFORT, LAGO or SUPERIOR, we would like to remind you that these pitches are equipped with water loading and unloading.
  • For the 2020 season, you can use the shower in your caravan/camper: saving you from queues and experiencing maximum comfort.
  • If you have not already done so, we would like to remind you, that you may also book one of our private bathrooms.
-Sanitize your hands more times during the day ( water and soap or gel)
-we bet you to use your own toilet of your caravan or of our mobile home
- Swimming pools and slides by the pool area are at your disposal. Always keep in mind safety distance of one meter! Please follow the instructions of our employees regarding pool access and sun lounger use.
- Supermarket is open and, upon request, delivery can be arranged directly to your campsite or to your accommodation CLICK HERE →
- Restaurant La Terrazza and restaurant Al Teatro are working both. Take a seat at one of the tables, buy take-away food or have ready meals broght to your accommodation. It's up to you CLICK HERE →
- Disinfectant dispensers for disinfecting your hands have been set up at various locations on the campground.
- The gym is open. To work out at the gym (maximum one hour!) please book in advance at the Minigolf desk
- Beach access is granted. Please keep a minimum distance of one meter from people who do not belong to your own group/family.

- Animation Program is on working: sports as Yoga, Zumba, fintness course, archery can be practiced  

Evening entertainment (as cabaret or other activities) will be performed on the stage
For your children Happy Discos guaranteed!
A new Miniclub will be available starting mid June!

If you have symptoms of illness or fever please call the campground's EMERGENCY NUMBER immediately:

Stay in your accommodation and follow the instructions of our staff.
What ever you need, please contact our reception. Only one person at a time can enter the office building. You can also contact us at the phone at any time: 0039-045-6470577.
You can pay your bill the morning of your departure or the day before. We accept cash up to 2999,- euros, ATM cards and credit cards (except American Express and Diners Club).
It is also possible to pay your bill online, call us and we will explain you how!
Have a great time and contact us any time if you have questions or any doubts. Don't hesitate, just call!

PLEASE NOTE: All regulations may change during your stay due to possible new decisions by the Italian government. Thanks for comprehension.


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